Unique Storybook Cottages designed for creatives to find their way home.


We are often asked,

"Why do you live in this wild little neighborhood?"

Randal and Liesa are newlyweds LIVING in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Together they are exploring life & ADVENTURE.

You are invited to EXPERIENCE some healing time and space at the Girliebird Cottages!

A combination of their personal stories provide experience to give away.
A pirate setting sail on the open water

Randal Reece M. Div. attended Bethel College in Tennessee, and graduated from Memphis Theological Seminary. After having a radical experience with Jesus in 2002, in Toronto, He teaches that every Christian should pursue an intimate relationship with Jesus, and that supernatural occurrences are an ordinary outcome of the pursuit.





At home with Marlie

Liesa Martinez-Reece graduated from Colorado Institute of Art, and co-founded SIGNSMITHS DeSIGN Group, a successful design/sign company.  Life changed directions as she and her family moved to Trumbull neighborhood on a mission to help the poor.

In the process of co-pastoring their church, and renovating several dilapidated houses, they received a giant new home from an ABC Extreme Makeover Home Edition in 2008. Life drastically changed again in 2012.

She, more than ever, has a passion to bring healing to seekers, the misunderstood and those who feel judged and isolated.