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Randal and Liesa are the owners + newlyweds of GirlieBird&Co. Together they are exploring life & adventure.

Liesa Martinez-Reece, the original GirlieBird, graduated from Colorado Institute of Art, and co-founded SIGNSMITHS DeSIGN Group. Life changed directions as she and her family moved to Trumbull neighborhood on a mission to help the poor.

In the process of co-pastoring their church, and renovating several dilapidated houses, they received a giant new home from an ABC Extreme Makeover Home Edition in 2008. 

She, more than ever, has a passion to bring healing to seekers, the misunderstood and those who feel judged and isolated.

A combination of their personal stories provide experience to give away.


Randal Reece M. Div. attended Bethel College in Tennessee, and graduated from Memphis Theological Seminary. After having a radical experience with Jesus in 2002, in Toronto, He teaches that every Christian should pursue an intimate relationship with Jesus, and that supernatural occurrences are an ordinary outcome of the pursuit.

He is fondly referred to as the "&CO." part of GirlieBird&CO. by the staff. 


Jacqueline Vega Photography

Jacqueline Vega Photography

Though not a fan of writing about herself, Zelda Deeds lives and breathes writing for small businesses. From blogging for the Perfect Wedding Guide, to website and content writing for GirlieBird&CO., her penchant for storytelling manifests as a tool for local artisans and eccentrics. 

In addition to writing, Zelda funds her higher education through content creation, filmmaking, modeling, product design, and event coordinating. Though all roads lead back to her core value of supporting and uplifting Albuquerque's artistry and eclectic market.

If you can't find her in front of her computer, she's probably wandering around the GirlieBird property, talking to plants and collecting herbs for 1 of her daily 5,000 cups of tea.


After working with Albuquerque's premier Wedding Publication and Marketing Platform, the Perfect Wedding Guide, for 5 years, Julianne Nichols decided to expand her unique skillset beyond the wedding community. 

Her heart has always been with the small local businesses and artisans, though, and now she helps them thrive through her company The Wild Rose Creative, a boutique design studio. Her design work + styled shoots are always of the highest caliber -- you'd never know she creates from her renovated home office, rockin' a top knot bun and a pair of yoga pants. 

Doing everything from graphic design to client and feature print advertisement design, account sales, social media strategy, email marketing design and all encompassing event conception and coordination, Julianne is an integral part of the team, and one of the original GirlieBirds. 

Bryan's Photography

Bryan's Photography

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