Unique Cottage Wedding Venue designed for creatives to find their way home.






The Bunk House

Definitely a guest favorite, it's full of comfort for you and your friends. This little bunk-house is built for a slumber party. With two grand bedrooms that sleep a total of 8 guests in single beds, this house has a beautiful great-room, private parking available, and an open kitchen to feed the masses. Plus two full bathrooms! 

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The Atelier

Perhaps the crowning jewel of GirlieBird&Co., The Atelier home is sweet, simple, and  clean with 3 luxury bedrooms ready to serve you. "Atelier" is French for "where artists work," and the name of this house because of the conducive and welcoming common space. Includes the Amelia Earhart, Actors Guild, and Perhaps Paris rooms. 

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The Big House

Spacious, as the name would suggest, The Big House offers a cozy and unique space for 3-6 guests to share. With access to a large, open kitchen and a shared common space, The Big House perfectly accommodates your traveling or stay-cation dreams. Includes Alie's Boutique, the Parkour Room, and the Secret Balconette Suite